I am Ossama Marwan Faour, I grew up in an athletic family, normal kid practicing Karate, Basketball, Judo etc... with a really lean body, as far as I can remember I was 8 - 13 years old weighing around 38kg at 144cm height.

One day I woke up with a swollen chin! Yes, I got the "MUMPS!" if you don't know what that is, simply, a virus that hits the salivary glands around the cheeks gets enormously swollen for 2 to 3 weeks, keeping the person unable to eat, drink and sometimes hard to breath!

So now I am lean, not eating for 3 weeks, guess what?! I got even leaner...

The virus left my body, GREAT! I started having crazy cravings, ate every single thing I see Infront of me, until I woke one day weighing 120kg at the age of 14!

I WAS A MOVING BALL! I don't want to tell you the amount of harsh comments I used to get & the way people looked at me!

I went to my father full of tears asking for help!

He looked at me & told me to do one push up... I COULDN'T.

He grabbed me, stared at my eyes & said firmly, "You can never control people's actions, but you can only control yours! You should never feel ashamed or let their words or the way they look at you to affect you in any single way! BUT you should look at yourself, control & challenge yourself and do that one damn push up".

Believe it or not that was a turning point in my life, I started going back to the gym, tried all types of diets, lifted weights, started jogging, trained boxing, basketball and went insane doing push ups waiting for the elevator to open!

When I was 17 years old I weighed 76kg at 180cm height! BAMMM felt so good, felt that I am on top of the world. Growing up, I went into different phases, got lean, muscled up then overweight again at the age of 22, quickly realizing this was so unhealthy.

To make the long story short, since then I promised myself to never let myself fluctuate like that again. I shifted my life, turned into an athlete, competed in many different sports, researched, helped so many people, advised so many struggling souls until I saw their results and felt proud, felt so happy to see people get over their struggle... Family, friends, friends of friends, random people at the gym or colleagues at work would drop by for advise.

Today I am 20 years of experience, I am 20 years of researching, learning, experimenting, meeting different people, different body types, different goals, different beautiful souls.

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