Sandy Amin
“Those virtual workouts are the only good thing happening during this quarantine. Without them i would have given up on workouts at home after the first week..."
Alia Al Khaja
“Just wanted to tell you that you keep on encouraging me to challenge myself and everytime I think I can’t go harder you just surprise me with the amazing home workouts..."
Ayesha Bin Khali
“Without the motivational gym set-up & seeing others working hard, it can be really hard to push yourself..."
Yasmeen Medhat
“when the gyms closed i was so disappointed that i am gonna miss my daily smash with salma. she turned everything around when we started training virtually..."
Maryam Al Suwaidi
“Good morning💕really enjoying my home workouts! Killer programming! Thanks for accommodating my goals & available equipment”
Dalal Al Rais
“I really appreciate your time and effort to help me maintain my working-out routine. I still wake up with sore muscles and stiff legs. So yes, home workouts are as effective as the gym..."
"I always felt the challenges in your Ladies Group Classes and your Online Home Workouts are as challenging as your classes..."