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Salma Ismail online fitness training





One Community. Different Goals.


Considering the present situation and the lockdown. The best part of the day is Salma’s virtual training. As it keeps me connected with the girls that i’m used to meet on a daily basis and keeps me active and punctual so even if I’m at home, this doesn’t mean that I don’t workout. Many thanks to Salma for coming up with this beautiful program 💪

Amna Ismail

Without the motivational gym set-up & seeing others working hard, it can be really hard to push yourself. But, with weeks of limited movement it’s more important than ever that we stay active & healthy. It’s time to break our mental barriers & overcome our inner couch potato & get our sweat on!!!Finding the virtual community to keep me on track with our workouts was the best choice to keep me motivated. It helped me to push through a tough workout & tougher times.Working out in a virtual group makes everything better 😃

Ayesha Bin Khali

when the gyms closed i was so disappointed that i am gonna miss my daily smash with salma. she turned everything around when we started training virtually .. i was blown away with how hard the exercises were and how she can push everyone of us and no one can skip a single set of the training .. u can’t imagine how much u can sweat from a home workout

Yasmeen Medhat

I really appreciate your time and effort to help me maintain my working-out routine. I still wake up with sore muscles and stiff legs. So yes, home workouts are as effective as the gym classes and the live sessions are big energy boosters! Home training has so far been an amazing experience. Your effort to make the classes fun and challenging is something i look forward to everyday!
Thank you for always making me do what i DON’T want to do😂. You have made me reach the fitness level where i don’t feel like i “hate exercise” anymore. You have made a big difference to my health, fitness and mental well. I am very grateful for you 💗

Dalal Al Rais

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