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We know how much you love a local staycation, so why not make it a “Fit-Cation”. We curate seasonal 3 day getaways to help you break your daily routine all while keeping it fun, full of workouts, activities and most importantly bonding with your fellow community members

OSSALMA Fitcation
OSSALMA Fitcation ladies only salma ismail.jpg

One Community

When we say we're a community, we mean it. Each community member has a different story, goal, ambition, ethnicity and background. That's what makes us special and we're growing!


New Experiences

No matter what your mind tells you, we make sure you break through your fears, try new experiences and explore what you're actually capable of doing, while having fun.


Fun Active Times

As the name implies, Fitcation. Fitness comes first, each activity, experience and adventure will move your body, get you active and smiling!

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