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What we do

Who We Are

Fitness Ladies


Our Bread & Butter

We started as a ladies only fitness company and will continue to be. Physical fitness is an essential pillar of your daily functionality and overall well-being. It is fundamental and will always be! 

Our goal is to create and keep improving fitness programs that targets women's needs.


The Fun Part

 We strive to offer the best services to our community, we know how much you love local get-away, traveling and having fun while improving your physical & mental health. 
Hence we have created seasonal local & international retreat, filled with workouts, fun, laughs and most importantly bonding!


Experience New Skills

Fitness doesn't stop at the gym

If it is categorized as an activity, we try it, learn it and then teach it. Our community members have experienced many for form of exercises, varying from strength, conditioning, animal flow, surfing, SOB and much more!

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